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Kings Corner Kosher Cafe
Building we are hoping to obtain with funding.

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Kings Corner - "Hamilton's Commonwealth Kosher Cafe & Deli"

Community Cuisine By The People. For the People.

Our Mission

 To unite the people while ending hunger.

For the People

"Kings Corner is a non-profit community cafe and deli that provides an all inclusive, welcoming environment focused on people rather than profit. All customers are encouraged to purchase our deli items using the “suggested pricing” model, however, we embrace a “pay what you can afford” concept by offering multiple check out options including “Pay it Forward.” Customers purchase our sandwiches because our kosher ingredients taste delicious and their purchase directly impacts our community’s welfare. Each month a share of our company’s revenue is invested in a local organization whose mission and community vision aligns with ours. Kings Corner is centrally located in the fast growing Main Street Business District in the heart of Hamilton and provides food truck and meal delivery services for a more effective outreach. Kings Corner not only engages through marketing and fundraising efforts onsite, but also online where we post community art, video blogs, and current events."
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