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Meet the Founder

Robert Andrew McClellan

Meet the Founder

Robert McClellan is the Founder and Executive Director of Kings Corner. In late 2015 Robert was overcome with a desire to create a dining option where God’s love could be demonstrated and every person in the community would feel included. He also wanted to make it a point of contact for community resources where those in need could not only get a free meal, but also gain the tools to eventually afford their meals and in turn pay it forward.

In 2016 Robert moved from his hometown of Dayton, Ohio to Hamilton, Ohio to live in an artist community. Upon arriving Robert realized that he literally moved into the center of a city going through an almost miraculous renaissance. If there was a time or a place to test his concept it was now and in Hamilton, Ohio.  

Robert has been involved in social activism work all of his adult life and always looked up to leaders who stood for the rights of those that society tended to exclude. It has been Robert’s lifelong dream to see a place where those famous first words of the Declaration of Independence were accepted and played out, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”  

Everyday Robert would walk past Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and High Street. The word “KING” always seemed to stick out to him. With the desire to create such an inclusive dining experience, the name Kings Corner, which would be by the people and for the people, felt like a fitting title for his restaurant.  

Robert is 27 years old and has overcome nearly impossible odds to succeed majority of his life. He currently works as a cook at the only full service kosher kitchen with a deli within 100 miles of Hamilton. Robert is an Ambassador for ‘The City of Hamilton’s Diversity and Inclusion Commission’ and a ’17 Strong’ Advisory Board member representing the “Downtown/Central Business District” neighborhood. He is also the Chair of The Advancement of the Arts Committee with Hamilton! Civic Society. Robert’s professional background consists of managing multiple sandwich shops and delis as well as activism and advocacy work. For three years Robert volunteered on the Ohio AIDS Coalition to break down social stigmas and worked with other activists to ensure patients living with HIV/AIDS had access to medical care and life saving medications.  

If Robert had one wish it would be that every person knew how deeply loved they were by God and that they would be inspired to show that same unconditional love to one another. 
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